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Wine Review: 2011 Toscar Monastrell (Mourvèdre) ($13.29, Dan Murphy’s)

Go on, try something that’s not from Australia or New Zealand!2011 Toscar Monastrell
Whilst I haven’t been to Alicante, I’ve no doubt they will have a local version of pa amb tomàquet, or bread with tomato. I had this in Barcelona with jamón and it was dead set the best sandwich I’d ever had, and remains so to this day.  Salty jamón is the perfect accompaniment to the tomato.  Super simple to make, click here for a bit more of a read on one of life’s great, simple pleasures!


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Wine Review: 2009 Kaiken Ultra Reserve Malbec ($18.99, Dan Murphy’s)

Beautiful Malbec from Mendoza.  As Malbec’s popularity has declined in France, so has it exploded in Argentina, newly adopted parents of a tricky grape to grow that loves the drier, warmer Argentinian climate.

Malbec Kaiken Ultra Reserve

Chimichurri sauce is a great marinade or dressing for almost any meat.  Of course it’s Argentinian and for wine such as this, it has to be beef…  Click here for Chimichurri Sauce!

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Wine Review: Mount Macleod Chardonnay 2010 ($17.99, Dan Murphy’s)

Second of the three Chardonnays we’ll be tasting side by side as we compare the different styles of wine this grape can produce.

Mount Macleod Chardonnay 2010


Here’s a recipe from Hawaii for the crispy skinned salmon.  For a more delicate finish to the fish, don’t flip it – just put a lid on the pan for a few minutes to ensure it’s cooked but still opaque in the middle.

Crispy skin salmon with ginger and lime